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Hello Mr. Steffmann, Thank you for sharing your fonts! I would like to request permission to use your fonts hinein my business, I make finished home décor items to sell on etsy.com I would love permission to use your fonts for this purpose.

I would appreciate if you could send me your conditions for use of one of your fonts (Honey Script) rein a logo for a local business. Thanks again and awaiting your reply.

unbewusst) zu der Mitteilung beiträgt - Dieserfalls gehören wenn schon jene, die dies später lesen, vernehmen oder auch live über Dasjenige Internet dabei sind - plus dem Channeler selber, der die Bericht "übersetzt"

Sowas findet man bei uns Wohl in dem KaDeWe. An diesem ort kann zigeunern jeder (der es bezahlen kann) hinter seinem Gout ein Picknick für den Grünanlage, einen Mittagsimbiss fürs Büro oder auch ein fertiges Abendessen zulegen.

Your Type collection is extraordinary, especially your „Kaiserzeit Gotisch“ Schriftart. It is Superbenzin! I wish to use some of your fonts for a children’s book series which is hinein progress. Do I have your permission sir?

I would like to use your font Fette Egyptienne hinein a poster an event for a non-profit organization hinein Richmond, Virginia. Would that Beryllium possible?

I an dem the adviser of a public high school yearbook in the USA. We are interested rein using your Coaster Schriftart for the cover of ur 2015 yearbook. This navigate here is a school publication that will have a very limited (less than 500 copies) zulauf.

Would I Beryllium able to use your ‚Cardinal‘ Schriftart for a book I’m writing? I want to use it as the title font for the Vorderseite cover. I would Beryllium selling the book (though probably not more than 20 copies or so). Thank you!

I an dem a young writer trying to publish my first fantasy novel as an ebook with little money to spend on publishing. I’ve beeinflussen in love with your Benjamin Franklin Schrift and can’t find anything else like it. Would it Beryllium possible to use your Schriftart for my Vorderseite cover?

Your fonts are just wonderful, they are the best collection I have seen and all the more remarkable thay they are all from one man.

I work at the ad agency, and we’kreisdurchmesser like to use your Fenwick Woodtype Schrift and your Beckett Type for commercial use on posters and prints ads for one of our clients who specializes in sports entertainment and Nachrichten.

Jnana-Yoga ("Yoga of wisdom"): the path to liberation based on wisdom, or the direct intuition of the transcendental Self (atman) through the steady application of discernment between the Tatsächlich and the unreal and renunciation of what has been identified as unreal (or inconsequential to the achievement of liberation)

I’m currently working on a 24 page catalog for a client and I wanted to ask your permission to download and use Honey Script for some titles hinein the catalog.

Hiranyagarbha ("Golden Germ"): the mythical founder of yoga; the first cosmological principle (tattva) to emerge out of the infinite Reality; also called Brahma

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